Vallejo City Council Meeting, 6/9/2020, 7PM

City Council will be voting on a new 2020/2021 budget. 46% is slated for Police!

How to participate in the Online City Hall.

1. Visit the City of Vallejo Agendas & Videos link here:
2. Look for the Regular City Council Meeting dated June 9 in the list
3. There will be a video link where you can watch the Council’s Zoom meeting
4. Commenting isn’t available until 5 PM the day of the meeting. To find the correct comment link, open the agenda by clicking the meeting link, go to the second tab titled “Agenda”
[Agenda link: ]

The budget is item 8A:
The link for comment for 8A will be
(the link will NOT work until 5PM)

You may have to create an account on Open Town Hall to use this link, so allow yourself some time. Your comments will be read during the meeting at the beginning of the agenda item.

The details about the budget and other agenda details are under the first tab of the agenda, called “Agenda Items and Files”. Look at the file titled “Staff Report” for a summary.
[ 8A Staff Report link: ]

The City Council will also vote to “Adopt the resolution ratifying the agreement with the California Department of Justice”. That is Agenda item 8J. We expect them to pass this because it has already been announced as a done deal in the city’s and the AG’s press releases.

But this points to a big problem with the way the City Council operates. Many items placed on their agendas as items to be voted on appear to be pre-decided, and the council’s vote is regarded as a rubber stamp. When we show up to dispute something, like the decision to remove the drug testing clause from the Police contract last year, our comments are disregarded and they all vote the way they’d already decided to vote, with few exceptions.

It is important, though, to state your objections for the record. And maybe this time will be different!