Demand DA Krishna Abrams: PROSECUTE or RECUSE! – Monday, 6/22, 1-3 PM, Solano County District Attorney’s Office, Fairfield

“No charges will be filed against the Vallejo police officer who killed …”

Is no longer acceptable. Krishna “Blue Lives Matter” Abrams will no longer get away with simply “justifying” these killer cops that Vallejo Police Department continues to employ.

If the Department won’t take action; the district attorney should; if district attorney doesn’t then the people she is supposed to take action for, will take action for themselves.

We will peacefully assemble at the Solano County District Attorneys office, to demand she press charges against the officers who fatally shot Willie McCoy and Eric Reason.

In addition we demand she reopen the cases of Ronell Foster and Angel Ramos, and charge those officers as well.

If DA Abrams declines, then we demand she immediately recuse herself from these cases and hand them over to the DOJ at once.

Monday, June 22, 2020 at 1 PM – 3 PM
Solano County District Attorney’s Office
675 Texas St Ste 4500, Fairfield, California 94533